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Worth the effort

After completing the advanced cleanse/detoxification program at our office one will feel energized and refreshed. Many of our employees have completed our program at different levels and gotten positive results. This included some weight loss along with a healthier diet.

We have completed our investigation of laser lipolysis-use of laser to dissolve fat. Our conclusion is that the technology has not been perfected and we will not be adding it to our menu of services.  The results we saw from our trip to a demonstration were not convincing. They didn’t have that WOW effect. There may be a place for it in limited areas of the body but clearly doesn’t win the contest for the newest and best.

We are offering something that is safer and should give more consistent results for contouring of the body-liposuction plus Accent radiofrequency.
Reduce the volume with the suctioning and tighten the skin with Accent. Both of them have been around for a while and have proven results. It is combination therapy that has improved our results.


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Expanding Our Business

Exciting news. We have two new employees at Hall Plastic Surgery/Rejuvenation Center. Lindsey Rambo and Sarah Shrader have joined our team. Lindsey is our wellness coordinator and brings expertise in nutritional counseling, weight management, detoxification/cleansing programs and diet management. Besides making look better we want you to feel better inside and Lindsey will help you get there. Sarah has moved to Austin from Manhattan, NY where she was a nurse at a large practice there. She will be coordinating the surgical side of our practice assisting in the care of our patients. They are both very knowledgeable and are part of our goal to bring the best team together to service our clients-patients.

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