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The Skinny on Liposuction

Today it is very confusing to everyone on what is fact vs. marketing when it comes to liposuction. The newest is intriguing but does it deliver. I was listening on the radio and heard an advertisement for Smartlipo® and have seen ads in local magazines for Zerona®. Both are presented to us as advantages over traditional techniques used to contour the body. Do they make scientific sense and what are the outcomes or results? Also, are they being done by board certified surgeons who have trained in accredited programs in which this type of surgery is part of their training? I have seen the companies and websites showing their results. They all look good. However, are they going to show you any of the bad results and do they inform you of the potential complications? The conflict arises when the technology is expensive to the provider and they need to recoup their investment. My opinion is to understand the technology and make sure it makes scientific sense before using it no matter what the cost is obtain it. Also, would I perform it on a family member? There are some new things happening in liposuction including Custom Accoustic Liposuction that may make body contouring with liposuction a better experience for the surgeon and the patient. We will have to wait and see if they deliver what they promise.


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Vertical vs. Inverted T breast reductions

Neck and back pain are very common problems with women that have large breasts. A breast reduction procedure can really make a difference in their lives. It is one of the most frequent procedures that I have done in my practice over the years. I can remember helping a plastic surgeon in my general surgery training many years ago and have seen the surgery evolve into what is done today. The tried and true standard inverted T technique has been the benchmark way for a long time. Over the past five to ten years the pendulum has swung to the a short scar technique called a vertical reduction. The bottom line is that both are good techniques for the right situation. Most insurance related reductions are relatively large reductions and require a larger procedure like the inverted T to get the best result. The smaller reductions can be done either way but with the vertical or lollipop technique the scars are fewer with a quicker recovery. It has been amazing to see the difference adding the vertical reduction to my practice without compromising the results.

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Two years and counting

Dr. Jeffrey & Tricia HallThis month marks our two year anniversary at Hall Plastic Surgery & Rejuvenation. We have been so blessed with everything that has happened and are so thankful to everyone that has made our business successful. Definitely there have been challenges and we only see things getting better and better in the future. We are continually striving to improve and make the experience at our business both rewarding and memorable. We are having an event on Thursday 10/22/09 from to celebrate from 4-7pm. We are introducing a former Dallas Cowboy as a personal trainer who will be at our office starting in 1/10, and All About Diamonds will be there to have specials as well. See you there.

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Making a Smile

Babies are born everyday all over the world and it is such a wonderful event to celebrate. Sometimes it becomes so routine that we can take it for granted that they will be born without any health issues. We are very blessed in this country to have good nutrition and medical care. Cleft and palate deformities are very common in underdeveloped countries where this is not the case. In Austin, Tx we have a very unique organization that was formed greater than 20 years ago to help these children called Austin Smiles. Many volunteers have made many trips to places like El Salvador and Mexico to perform surgeries to give these children a new smile. I have been able to go on these trips and have seen the difference first hand that it makes. To see the parents faces after their child’s lip is repaired is indescribable-they are so happy. This year I became a board member of
Austin Smiles. The organization is successful due to gifts-donations that keep it going.

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Passion for U2

Different things in life you develop a passion for and are influenced by. In the 8o’s I had heard a few of U2 songs on the radio and liked them. Then I listened to the lyrics from the Joshua Tree album and got hooked. I have gone to over 8 concerts and one would consider me a hardcore fan. I have become know in the OR by my passion for them in that I only listen to U2 music in surgery. There isn’t much out there that I haven’t read or collected about them. I have even traveled to Dublin where they live. I guess it is there spirituality and family aspect to there relationship that is so unique. They are not in it for the money or the prestige. So, I am so excited to be going to their concert in Houston this Wednesday in Reliant stadium. I will keep you posted on the experience.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Have you seen all the pink? October is breast cancer awareness month. I am proud to announce that Hall Plastic Surgery will be participating in the Susan Komen 5K run this month to honor and support breast cancer survivors and to promote awareness. Since I perform breast reconstruction for patients I recognize how it can affect their lives and how important it is to be there for them. No one wants to hear the word cancer and the process happens so fast.  Lets take the time this month and hopefully year around to spread the word about breast cancer. My mother was diagnosed ten years ago and is a survivor.

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