How about those lips?

Before Lip Implant

Before Lip Implant

After Lip Implant

After Lip Implant

Tired of looking in the mirror and feeling that your lips are getting smaller? Have you tried to improve them with injectable fillers? Fillers work but they are only temporary and can be expensive over the long run. Fat can be injected but usually requires an invasive procedure to harvest the fat and more anesthesia. The solution is a lip implant called Perma™ facial implant made by SurgSil™. It is a soft silicone implant that can give you the improvement you want and be long term. The procedure to insert the implants is easily done in the office using local anesthesia. The recovery is very short and most people will be healed within a couple of weeks. The older type implants were sometimes to firm and did not have a tapered contour making them unnatural. This implant is both soft and has the appropriate contour. Because of this improvement I have used the implant with excellent results. Also, the sizing is adjustable and different sizes can be used in the upper and lower lips.  See more results on our website…


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