Read the Label-Food, Inc.

Recently, a movie came out that is called Food, Inc. My wife and I were looking for a movie to watch on Apple TV and she said that she had heard of it. She was interested in watching it since it was about the food industry and your health. We made a New Year’s resolution to be better with our health and diet. So, we rented the movie and it was very eye opening. We both knew that the food that we eat has additives quite often and that we should be better in eating organic foods. The problem is going 100% organic means paying more for the food and finding it is more difficult. The movie shows how the food gets from its origin to the table. Basically, the food industry is now controlled by a limited number of people and profit is the bottom line not your health. Watch the movie and you will understand the process how our food is manipulated, processed, and altered. Now, my wife and I realize that the added cost and the difficulty of getting organic to be worth it to ensure the best for our families health. The movie confirmed that what we did in the past by giving our children only foods that organic and have no additives since birth was the right choice.


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