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The Next Generation Breast Implants

In my practice, I am always looking at ways to make procedures and techniques better, give patients more options, and enhance patient satisfaction.  One area where I have seen ongoing advancements is with Breast Augmentation options.  Breast implants have been around for decades and they definitely have evolved over that period of time. A recent entry to the mix is the Allergan 410 implant. It has been around for many years in development and is really not a new implant. The implant is an anatomical or tear drop shape silicone gel implant. You might be wondering, why did we need another implant style or shape? Well, every woman is unique, and it is important to have options for every woman’s unique anatomy.  Women have different shaped breasts and different desires for their breasts with implants. With the shaped 410 implant, the volume or projection is concentrated to the lower part of the breast to give a more natural shape. The round implants are not able to do this and tend to give a round shape to the breast which is less like a natural breast contour. I have used the 410 implant extensively in breast reconstruction since it became available. The results are hands down an improvement in results since patients will see a more natural shape to the reconstructed breast. In my opinion, it is a great option to explore if you are wanting a more natural shape and have lost volume to your breast after having children.  The 410 implant may be perfect fit for you.


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